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Hattem Advisors brings a highly experienced and individualized approach to coaching that builds on a foundation of understanding, trust and candor.

I came to executive coaching following a 30+ year career leading large legal teams and, for the past 11 years, served as the Chief Legal Officer (CLO) of a company that journeyed from the principal subsidiary of a giant multinational corporation to a publicly-traded Fortune 500 company.

Along the way, I have coached hundreds of professionals from all types of organizations with a myriad of personal and professional stories and achieved terrific results in their enhanced inner-strength, impact and overall fulfillment.

I have been particularly helpful coaching professionals from underrepresented backgrounds who are new to organizations, may not have extensive experience working in complex institutions or simply have a different perspective on life than others seated around the power table. Good coaching is not some exercise that periodically rears its head from a generic “how-to” playbook at annual reviews or career transitions. To be meaningful, coaching must be suited to the individual, organization, and ongoing real-life experiences. It also must be highly confidential and rest on a foundation of understanding, trust and candor. I think of this as Context Coaching.

Context Coaching has been so effective because it probes and develops practical techniques to navigate real-life issues such as:

  • Who has the power?
  • What are the unwritten rules?
  • How to best exert influence?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Who are potential allies?
  • How do you adjust your personal style to be more effective and how do you influence others to adapt to your style?
  • What tactics work with the CEO but not peers or teams?
  • When to stand up or stand down on a matter?

Through positive feedback I appreciate and live by the important qualities to have as a coach–be a good listener, objective but compassionate, apply a real-world understanding of complex organizations and trends, have thoughtful and actionable insights, and communicate in a forthright manner. I enjoy the process of connecting with people from different backgrounds and find it enormously rewarding to play a role in the professional growth and successes of others.

For the past 25+ I have held a variety of leadership positions at Equitable Insurance. Most recently, I served 11 years as Equitable’s Chief Legal Officer (CLO) and member of its Executive Team responsible for strategy, operations risk, talent, culture, operations and businesses. Throughout my career, professional agility has been critical as Equitable Insurance evolved from a publicly traded corporation held principally by the multinational insurer, AXA S.A., into a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA, and then into a fully independent public company as part of Equitable Insurance’s historic 2018 IPO, an event in which I played a lead role.

I have worked closely with CEOs, national and international executives, Board chairs and Directors, big law, bankers, shareholders, consulting firms, business leaders, cross functional teams, trade groups, regulators, employee resource groups (ERG), the media and elected officials.  I list these various sectors, in part, to make the point that executive leaders today must be prepared to effectively navigate a complex and expanding environment. We all need to keep growing as the workplace environment expands.

This is why I am most proud of my efforts over the years to help others grow, including leading Equitable’s Tandem Program. It is designed to deepen and diversify Equitable’s talent pool by providing high potential women with the experiences, tools and professional relationships to further their careers.

In the same vein, my leadership of the Developing Professional Network ERG at Equitable helped engage and facilitate the growth of newer, often junior employees, throughout the company. It was important to foster meaningful connections and inclusiveness for both the employee and company’s long term success.

Sponsoring Hunter College’s Pre Law Program at Equitable was especially rewarding. Hunter is a wonderful public college with many first generation college goers who greatly valued the mentoring and internship relationships developed.

Prior to Equitable, I headed one of the largest Federal Prosecutor’s Offices in the Eastern District of New York where I began as an Assistant US Attorney focusing on white collar crimes.

Currently, I serve on various Boards and have a keen interest in expanding my horizons– from arts to education to “startups,” it is a fascinating world and there is so much to learn and share.

Kick-Off (Months 1 and 2)

  • Initial meeting with client focusing on client’s professional journey
  • Establish operating context
  • Identify understanding of operating context: what is working and what can be improved; who are supporters, neutral or potential detractors; who has power, influence and emerging as leaders
  • Establish personal strengths and areas of focus
  • Confirm coaching objectives
  • Develop action plan

Ongoing Coaching (Months 2-6)

  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions
  • Interim check-ins via phone/email as needed by client
  • Monitor implementation of action plan and assess results
  • Develop and refine skills, tactics and strategies as necessary
  • On-going feedback and brainstorming based on current events

Forward Action (Month 6)

  • Recap meeting to discuss engagement and results
  • Enhance action plan as appropriate and identify self monitoring plan

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