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Executives must grow and run businesses, build and manage teams, stay on top of evolving regulatory, social and media trends and adapt to inevitable crises. Hattem Advisors can help you navigate your complex world while being true to yourself.

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Not too long ago, Executives had the already challenging job of working with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Board, business peers, control function leaders and internal teams to advance the objectives of the company–basically, maximizing shareholder returns. Today, Executives must contend with a highly dynamic corporate world where the corporate purpose has been expanded to benefit all stake-holders, customers, employees, suppliers and the community. When you factor in the many changes unleashed by the pandemic from hybrid work to increased mobility to team fatigue and reduced levels of company affiliation to the loss of spontaneous interactions and just plain fun, the demands and expectations for Executives multiply.

Through Context Coaching, we will help you systematically identify, understand and prioritize the moving parts of your organization and marketplace. We also will examine the role regulatory constraints, developing environmental, social and governance standards, changing demographics, employee exhaustion, turnover and disconnection, the media and the evolving codes of expected behavior play in your company, team and community.

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"I worked with Dave Hattem for many years in his capacity as Senior Executive Director and Chief Legal Officer at Equitable and feel fortunate to count him as both a trusted advisor and a friend. In his new role as principal at Hattem Advisors, he is uniquely well-positioned to draw on his expertise, as well as his trademark candor and humility, to help other professionals navigate that same challenging terrain. Dave's unique Context Style coaching approach has helped me prepare for many high-stakes meetings and events over the years."



Start-up founders and Executives are incredible–they have created or identified brilliant ventures, persuaded savvy investors to back them and put together the many technical and legal pieces to launch. At the launch, however, the games really begin. These same incredible people may not be fully equipped to retain and motivate teams, delegate work, handle exponential or disappointing growth, update Boards and investors, lead staff, persevere through the inevitable crises and sort out marketplace and regulatory opportunities and constraints.

Through Context Coaching, we will help you develop your leadership style to better understand, prioritize and attend to the many competing relationships and demands placed on your time and energy. We will help you develop the emotional intelligence, inner strength and practical skill and techniques to time manage, lead teams, delegate, thrive and collaboratively bring key stakeholders along the company’s growth journey.

Executive Coaching

"Dave and I got to know each other through the company’s female tandem program, where a senior executive is paired with a high potential mid-management female leader. As treasury leader, my primary work involved establishing an independent financing structure, credit rating and banking relationship for the company, Dave’s advice/guidance has been instrumental to helping me navigate through such a complex and uncertain environment."


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