You can see how our advising methods work by how they have helped other industry leaders become even more impactful in their position. They give honest testimonials of how Dave Hattem of Hattem Advisors has helped them achieve growth, impact and fulfillment in the position they hold today.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave and found his coaching to be not only insightful, but also practical and actionable. Dave’s experience, temperament, and “pay it forward” spirit serve him well as a coach and I found him to be supportive even as he challenged me to grow. I learned a great deal from my time with Dave, particularly how to be strategic in my thinking and how to identify opportunities to turn my weaknesses into strengths. Working with Dave gave me the tools I need to continue my professional development and take my career to the next level.

RN | Practice Group Head of a Large Corporate Law Department | 2023

My time with Dave was very productive as I navigated a number of factors professionally. He brought an objective perspective and armed me with tools to improve existing relationships, build new connections and reorient how I viewed myself. My sessions with Dave flowed naturally and always had a purpose. While not my objective when we started, my time with Dave prepared me for other opportunities.

Matt Crusey | Bowhead Specialty, General Counsel | 2023

Dave’s coaching has been invaluable as I greatly benefited from his probing questions, practical insights and wisdom. The overall process helped me reflect deeply on my organization, relationships with key players, larger group dynamics and working assumptions. Through Dave's coaching I understand myself better, have greater self-confidence and have plotted and put into action a clear path forward. In short, I am doing everything possible to drive a positive outcome.

Mike B. | Chief Information Officer of a major privately held medical supply distribution company | 2022

“Dave was my boss and mentor for over 10 years when I reported to him as Chief Legal Officer at Equitable. As I reflect on our years working together, I remember how Dave’s advice and coaching was instrumental in my professional development and advancement as an executive leader at the company. I had virtually no corporate experience when I joined the company. I had worked primarily as an associate at a law firm and as an executive leader at two New York State government agencies. I knew very little about how to advance my career within a large corporation. But I learned crucial lessons from Dave including the importance of navigating a complex corporate culture by knowing the key stakeholders and decision makers and their business objectives, challenges and concerns. He also encouraged me to become more aware of the impact of my own actions, which allowed me to develop the skillset to overcome (and sidestep) obstacles and build strong relationships with the company’s executive leadership team, internal business clients, my peers and my direct reports. I am now Chief Legal Officer at a Fortune 250 company, and I can honestly say that I use the tools I developed working with Dave every day in my current role. Any senior legal professional who is looking for a coach should definitely work with Dave."

Kermitt Brooks | General Counsel at Guardian Life Insurance Company | 2022

"I worked with Dave Hattem for many years in his capacity as Senior Executive Director and Chief Legal Officer at Equitable and feel fortunate to count him as both a trusted advisor and a friend. In his new role as principal at Hattem Advisors, he is uniquely well-positioned to draw on his expertise, as well as his trademark candor and humility, to help other professionals navigate that same challenging terrain. Dave's unique Context Style coaching approach has helped me prepare for many high-stakes meetings and events over the years."

Robin Raju | Chief Financial Officer at Equitable | 2022

"Dave and I got to know each other through the company’s female tandem program, where a senior executive is paired with a high potential mid-management female leader. As treasury leader, my primary work involved establishing an independent financing structure, credit rating and banking relationship for the company, Dave’s advice/guidance has been instrumental to helping me navigate through such a complex and uncertain environment."

Julia Yun Zhang | Group Treasurer and a Member of the Equitable Operating Committee | 2022

Based on my experience with Dave while he was Chief Legal Officer at Equitable, I recommend Dave’s coaching without reservation. Dave offers truth with love. And both are in short supply. The greater your success, the harder it is to get truly honest coaching. Dave will give it to you with courage and caring, in context. You can thank me later!

Kurt Meyers | Deputy General Counsel at Equitable | 2022

“Dave is a natural coach. From the time I met Dave, he quickly became a go-to confidant whenever I needed to be a trusted advisor. His ability to balance care and compassion with challenging me to see things from a different perspective has been invaluable to my growth. He’s authentic, direct, and kind - and I’m thankful to have him as a member of my ‘personal board of directors.’”

Brittanie Plasters | Learning and Talent Leader at Equitable | 2022

"I had the great pleasure of working with, and for, Dave Hattem for many years when I was Corporate Secretary for AXA Equitable. I am privileged to call him my mentor and friend. My success during and after my tenure at AXA Equitable has been due in no small part to Dave’s unwavering support and keen guidance over the years. He is a terrific listener and able to connect with and motivate individuals by providing pointed and pragmatic advice as a means to achieve strategic objectives. What sets Dave apart is his deep interest in and understanding for team members, straightforward manner, and brilliant sense of humor."

Karen Hazin | Corporate Counsel at Americas at Christie's | 2022

"At Hunter College, diverse, first generation Pre-Law students are fortunate to benefit from our productive collaboration with Dave Hattem, who has been an enthusiastic, generous mentor. He has helped students understand the practical ways in which the law applies to a variety of contexts, especially the financial sector. Dave has been pivotal in bringing sophisticated issues of compliance to the attention of our Pre-Law group by extending paid internships to them, giving them hands on experience that prepared them for law school and the postcollege job market. He developed a series of talks to "demystify" corporations, by exposing students to the process of corporate decision making through the lenses of different current issues, and introducing students to corporate insiders. He has encouraged and challenged students from the Moot Court bench, helping them to achieve their best performance. Most importantly, Dave has spoken from the heart about his own career path, and the importance of giving back to the community. Dave has been an extraordinary role model. The Hunter Pre-Law community is grateful for his investment in the many first-generation lawyers who follow in his footsteps. Dave lives the Hunter motto 'Mihi Cura Futuri,' the Care of the Future is Mine."

Elise B. Jaffe | Director, Pre-Law Program at Hunter College - CUNY | 2022

"During my time at Equitable, Dave has been a tremendous source of support and a thoughtful sounding board as I transitioned into new leadership roles. Dave provides practical feedback and perspective that unlocks insights into the best next action around my development. As a beneficiary of his coaching, I am grateful for his personal investment in my growth, which has strengthened my ability to lead with confidence and to realize my full potential."

Jessica L. Baehr | Head of Group Retirement at Equitable | 2022

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