Typical Coaching Engagement

Kick-Off (Months 1 and 2)

  • Initial meeting with client focusing on client’s professional journey
  • Establish operating context
  • Identify understanding of operating context: what is working and what can be improved; who are supporters, neutral or potential detractors; who has power, influence and emerging as leaders
  • Establish personal strengths and areas of focus
  • Confirm coaching objectives
  • Develop action plan

Ongoing Coaching (Months 2-6)

  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions
  • Interim check-ins via phone/email as needed by client
  • Monitor implementation of action plan and assess results
  • Develop and refine skills, tactics and strategies as necessary
  • On-going feedback and brainstorming based on current events

Forward Action (Month 6)

  • Closing meeting to discuss engagement and results
  • Enhance action plan as appropriate and identify self monitoring plan
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